Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Just when I'm having an off day and can't think of anything to write about (meaning that I've slept in the last 3 days and only ran a measly 3 miles), I get a nice surprise.  Sue at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes, one of my very favorite runner moms, nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

What is this?  Basically it's a nice way to recognize other bloggers that you follow and enjoy.  It meant a lot coming from Sue, as her blog is one of the first I ever started following when I began running.  I mean... cupcakes, hello???  Clearly we are sisters.  Someday she'll come around and like swimming and biking too....

There are a few rules:

1.  Post the logo on your blog.
2.  Thank the person who nominated you.  (Sue you rock thank you thank you!!)
3.  Answer the questions.  (see below)
4.  Choose 10 or so other ladies who blog as YOUR nominees.  (Sorry Sheriff - it says ladies.  I'll sneak in a reference to your awesome blog anyway.)
5.  Post the links to the nominees and notify them on your blog.

Without further ado... here's my Q&A.  Though really, these questions are pretty tame.  You can ask me more in the comments.  I'll probably answer just about anything.

What is your favorite color?

Blue.  No, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ok fine.  It's green.  For growing things.  Or maybe blue like the ocean.  But the ocean is also grey, so... any color the ocean can be.  Those sunsets where the water looks pink are nice too.  Ok next question.

Favorite animal? 

Duh.  Whoever hasn't noticed my fascination and tendency to take way too many pictures of my cats just hasn't been paying attention.  Heck in writing this post I had about ten pictures to choose from on my phone that I've taken in the last few days.  Ok fine since you asked here's some more.....

My to favorite speedbumps
If we are talking non-specific animal, as in a type, I am quite fond of toothed cetaceans.  (That means whales with teeth and dolphins in geek speak).  Not in the Flipper-hugging, moonstone chanting way, but appreciation of these complex, intelligent and very social animals who have taken a very weird backward road of evolution.  I actually did my first Master's on dolphin skeletal anatomy, and spent a summer out in British Columbia volunteering on a research study of killer whale vocalizations.  Very interesting stuff.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink

Nuun, if consumed at any point 24 hours before or after working out.  Which is pretty much always.  After over a year my stomach is still waiting for me to knock it off with this whole exercise bit (see - even my internal organs have stubbornness issues), and keeping my blood sugar and electrolytes happy makes it happier.

Facebook or Twitter?  

Facebook.  After building my cake business, largely through our page, I feel like I know all its eccentricities (even though they change every month).  Twitter is a black box.  Someone please teach me.  

See how I sneaked a link to my bakery facebook page in there?  Toldja I was good....

Favorite pattern

Really?  This is a question?  Does the inside of my eyelids count?  Or are we trying to get into how obsessive I am by analyzing how geometric my favorite pattern is?  I'm sure there's a Zimbio quiz for this... I'll get back to you.

Favorite number?

This question makes me laugh today.  You see, I am usually pretty good with numbers.  Remembering them, that is.  Until very recently I could still recite the SKU# of all the Black North Face Denali jackets from my post-grad school days working at Eastern Mountain Sports.  (Yes folks, studying dolphins does NOT get you a real job).  I can will always still remember that the code for bananas at the grocery store is #4011.  

But today, I am exhausted.  My daughter is sick with a cough.  Not life-threatening, but enough that no one in this house has gotten sleep in three days.  This morning I went to Walgreens to get her more medicine and apple juice, I got to the register, swiped my debit card, and..... nothing.  Whatever cluster of brain cells that used to hold my pin number, the number I use every single day, has apparently died of sleep deprivation.  Because I cannot remember to save my life.  So that would be my favorite number.  If I could remember it....

Favorite flower

Forget-me-nots.  These tiny blue and purple flowers grow wild in Oregon, where I was born.  My parents and grandparents used to take me to feed the ducks in the many rhododendron gardens in and around Portland.  These gardens are indescribably beautiful.  Rhodies grow four six ten feet tall, but from my two-foot tall, three-year old vantage point, I saw the forget-me-nots much more.  I always associate them with those cherished early childhood days, and with my grandparents who have since passed away.

What is your passion?

Oh man.  Now this is a question.  One that I struggle with.  There are two sides to the coin that is me - on one hand, I have a lot of hobbies, interests, and issues I feel strongly about.  Fitness, creativity, music, art, and the outdoors.  Wildlife and conserving our natural heritage.  Nutrition, specifically how it relates to mental health and obesity in our population.  Reducing the stigma around mental illnesses and empowering more people to seek help for these debilitating conditions.  On the other hand, all this means that I've never settled on one all-consuming thing that brings meaning to me.  I tend to bounce through phases in life - never spending more than a year or two on any one thing.  Sometimes I feel like this is great because it brings variety into my life.  Sometimes I envy that single-minded passion in others.  I don't think I'm likely to change though, so for now I'm happy fighting whatever battle is foremost in my mind - even if that battle is on multiple fronts.

Now that you know more about me, here are some of the blogs that I follow regularly, and why I like them:

  • Cara @ Cara's Cravings.  This girl can cook.  Oh my goodness.  A guru on all things clean eating, including recipes for her (and my) wicked sweet tooth, I have yet to try anything of hers that isn't divine.
  • Jessie @ No Cigarettes No Bologna.  She writes more honestly about marriage and parenthood than any other blog I've ever read.  Makes me cry with nearly every post.
  • Cynthia @ You Signed Up for What?  The name alone got me.  She is funny... she is a music geek too... and she also has the nasty habit of signing up for triathlons and other exercises in group stupidity.
  • Meredith @ Swim Bike Mom.  The Queen of all beginner triathlete woman, this girl is seriously inspirational, wickedly funny, and has more jobs that I do.  Which I always respect.  Now go read her blog (or her book) to find out why me calling her "The Queen" is funny.
  • Karen @ Trading In My Heels.  Karen is the type of runner I hope to be someday.  Fast, confident, always looking well put together.  Although there was an incident with her bike and a squirrel that was very disturbing....
  • Courtney @ The Trigirl Chronicles.  Courtney is from near where I grew up (bonus), but also has great tenacity.  Her workouts inspire me to get my sometimes lazy self out the door and into the cold (or similar excuse).

Go check out these girls if you haven't already!  


Courtney Fields said...

Awww, thank you so, so much for the nomination!! You rock!

Karen W said...

Thank you so much. You totally made my day! I love your blog and you inspure me everyday. :))

Swim Bike Mom said...

The Queen of the Queens. I am honored. Just stay away from the Queen's Smash or the Queen's Hand. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! This makes me feel like a rock star when I really needed a little boost;)

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