Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Weekend of Firsts

It's been a big weekend for the Cupcake Triathlete family.  Friday I met my kiddos at the pool, determined to get my girl child over her fear of the water.  The little guy took lessons this fall and is a fish.  My daughter, however, has a tendency to work herself up over things, to the point of near-paralyzing fear.  In this category currently are riding without training wheels (even though she's done it), riding with training wheels, downhill skiing, and getting her face wet.  After a pep talk from my mom and some wise advice from my Boss Scarecrow, I came determined to get her over that last one.  No matter what it took.  No kid of mine is gonna let their fear hold them back.

Turns out it took $2.00 cash and "accidentally" not catching her all the way when she jumped into my arms from the side and letting her duck under.  Which she then realized wasn't that bad.  A few additional financial promises later she was jumping in repeatedly on her own and putting her face in the water for upwards of nine mississippis.  On the way home she told me that, "I have an image in my mind.  When it zooms in, it's the swimmer I want to be!"  Oh my goodness.  Get this kid a job writing inspirational posters STAT. Of course, once I related this beautiful story to the Jedi, he arched an eyebrow and told me that yeah, she said the same thing about an image of him serving her ice cream for breakfast.  So.  But it's good to have dreams!!

I did considerably less well and gracefully at my Total Immersion swim class the next morning.  We are working on head position and breathing.  I cannot relax.  Cannot let me head go enough to get the pattern - instead I continue to arch up like a turtle after a bug.  Head goes us, butt goes down, all momentum gone.   Throughout most of the class I planned on having my Training Peaks comment to my coach be, "F*k this s*t I'm getting a snorkel".  Very mature.  My TI coach is a saint who patiently talked me out of a temper tantrum and I did stay an extra 30 minutes to work on the drills.  I did not swear in my notes to Sheriff.  But that's about as much credit as I can claim for that workout.  Plus I have a wicked cold and sore throat, and chlorine water up my nose is about as welcome as lemon juice on an open cut.  I'll get it... someday.

Both kiddos had another first - their first piano lesson.  I was a die hard band geek in school and still play French horn off an on in my adulthood, so am very very psyched to get them started.  They are just as excited as I am.  Must make sure I raise musically talented (or at least literate) little cupcake triathletes.  What the point of having kids if not to make them in your own image?  Kidding....

This was MY big accomplishment for the weekend.  I know the writing is small, so let me just summarize for you - seven point two two miles baby!!!  Sheriff put 6.5 on my schedule, so I planned an outdoor route since the temperature rose above freezing and it wasn't raining today (amazing).  I listened to Another Mother Runner's new podcast, which I always enjoy.  Even when they are interviewing Monica Culpepper from Survivors and talking about what it is like to bite into a cow eyeball.  Hurl on side of road, thanks.  I actually second-guessed myself on the distance I'd planned and added an out-and-back along a pretty section of road in Rutland State Park.  That addition put me past seven miles.  Wow!  My longest run yet in my life, and at a decent pace no less!  Pretty psyched about this.

In reward, Sheriff gave me tomorrow as a rest day, which means I get to stay up late to watch Downton Abbey.  Yes, 10 pm is late.  Plus, I get to run 8 miles this coming week!  Yeehaw!!  The first half of the reward sounds more restful.... ah well.  Bring it on.

Heading out for the long run.
Girl says "Are you sure you can run that far Mommy?"
Guess who was proud of me when I got back...

How do you pass the time on long runs?  What podcasts/shows do you like?

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