Friday, November 1, 2013

Hold. Really. Still.

Not me.  But looked just like this.  But the other foot

Happy Day-After-Halloween.  Last night we took our little goblins over to Hummingbird's house for a great spooky shindig - this girl outdoes herself.  Kid friendly food, seriously awesome fall sangria, followed by trick or treating with a mob of kids.  True, it was raining a little bit, and true navigating her hilly neighborhood on crutches was challenging, but all in all a great time.  At least three people asked me if I was in costume.  Yes, and my costume is my foot hurts - give me candy for asking stupid questions.  Anyhoo....

So this morning we all got up at 5:45 to get the kids packed up and off to their respective schools early (a huge thank you to my neighbor for getting Boo on the bus), and my to my MRI by 7:30.  Yes, I bribed them with candy if they would eat and get dressed fast.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

To get the feeling of an MRI, put a yoga mat down on your kitchen table.  Turn the radio up as loud as possible, and have someone jackhammer your front steps.  Lie on the table perfectly still for 30+ minutes.  This is an MRI.  They wheeled me in in a wheelchair, got me situated on the table, stuck a little marker where most of the pain was on my foot, then strapped my foot in, booted over it, and stuck me into the machine to about chest level.  Thank goodness not all the way - I'm claustrophobic.  They then took scans for about 30 minutes - in increments of between 2:30 and 5 minutes where I had to stay perfectly motionless.  The tech threatened me with even longer times if I wiggled.  So.  I treated it like interval workouts - watch the countdown clock.  Thirty seconds at a time.  After a while it become surprisingly difficult to stay perfectly still.  Whew!

So now, even though my doctor has the images, I have to wait until next Wednesday to find out the results.  Fingers crossed.
Not my foot.  But isn't it amazing what medical science can do?

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