Thursday, October 17, 2013

Krazy Kitty Kardio

It has come to my attention that I am becoming a crazy cat woman.  In my defense, sitting with one of my cats in my lap has been my primary occupation lately.  One kitty especially is super affectionate and follows me everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  This is the cat that has hopped in the shower with me.  I found her dumped out in a parking lot when she was a kitten and I was 7 months pregnant with my first.  She's not left my side since.

I will follow you.... wherever you may go....

However, some friends have voiced concern for my mental health after the zillionth photo posting.  So - I will try to knock that off.  The for the record, my cats rock and are better than most people I've ever met.  So.  Crazy cat woman speak?  Uh oh.....

I've been on crutches a week and a half, coming up on three weeks since injury.  Yesterday morning I was hemming and hawing on seeing a podiatrist.  I called my doctor back with some follow-up questions (like how long is this bloody thing gonna take to start to feel better???) and they of course refused to talk to me.  They referred me to a podiatrist, who also was not down with answering simple questions over the phone.  I'd need to come in for an office visit.  Hurrah the US medical system.  So after much consideration I sucked it up and made the appointment.  I needn't have worried - the first available appointment isn't until November. The irony of a 3 week delay while simultaneously telling me that I really do need to be seen was lost on the nurse that made the appointment.  Anyway...

I went back to furiously googling for answers, and found an article encouragingly called "Healing a Metatarsal Stress Fracture Quickly".  Yes!  That! Enough of this patient waiting - I want results!  And despite Boss Scarecrow's assurances that I can work from home for as long I need, I want to get back to my life.

The article highlighted a three-pronged approach, the goal of which to increase blood flow to the area.  Which kind of makes sense to me - between the CAM boot and compression socks, I've had moments wondering if my foot actually hurts or is just squeezed to the point of losing feeling.  Heat instead of ice, regular exercise, and using a TENs unit for 30 minutes 2-3 times a day.  I actually own a TENs unit (long story).  It stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  It's a little gismo with 2-4 electrodes that you attach to your skin and it runs an electrical current through the affected area.  It feels kind of like miniature hamsters running around under your skin.  The idea is that it does the same thing as the super expensive Bone Stimulators that professional athletes get to use, but with a DIY twist.  So I dug that puppy up and zapped myself three times yesterday.

TENS unit
I also begged the Jedi to haul our old folding reclining bike up from the basement.  Since Becoming A Triathlete I've scorned this contraption, and all reclining stationary bikes, as being too easy.  Not relevant to training.  I imagine perfectly made up coeds pedaling slowly on them while reading Elle magazine and scanning the gym for cute guys to ask out.  BUT out with the attitude, because I did actually use this machine to lose 20 lbs 2 years back, AND it has the benefit of being almost complete non-weight bearing on my foot.

My new friend
With all resolve to start slowly, I did only 25 minutes yesterday, with the boot on.  It feels a little weird.  After weeks strapped in a walking cast, any muscle movement in my foot feels, well, weird (must buy a thesaurus).  But not painful.  Working out felt so good.  My head felt clearer that it has in weeks.  I remembered what it was to sweat!
Pedaling with da boot

This morning after my obligatory coffee, I dressed straight into workout gear.  I haven't even opened that drawer of my dresser lately - it makes me sad.  Not today!  Hello Sports Bras!!  I even strapped on my Pear HRM and did another 30 minutes.  So happy I added 20 minutes of strength work (upper body) on the ball with dumbbells.  Hitting the pool tomorrow during my little guy's swim lesson.

Blurry pic of very happy me - taken by my 4 year old

Now the challenge is to not overdo.  I woke this morning for the first time with no pain in my foot.  Even pressing on the bone doesn't hurt.  No pain meds so far today (another concern - how long can I take these things before I turn into one of the suburban wife addicts that they write drama series about?).  It feels like progress.  Now, like everything else, I just need to keep it going and not mess it up....

I'm sure the kitties will help keep me on track.

Rest mom.  Rest.

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