Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aiming for Square 1

I see that you're still in your pajamas....

People talk about the stages of injury.  First there is denial.  You pretend there's not something wrong, or that it isn't that bad.  "I'm wearing a boot, but I can still do two hours of hard garden work!"  I checked that off the list early last week, before I went to the doctor.  Then bargaining. "If I stay in this boot and it doesn't hurt for three days, that means the doctor was wrong and I can run again."  I still indulge this somewhat.

My faithful nurse
Then depression.  This is where I've been firmly parked the last several days.  Parked with the cat in my lap. Cursing the rainy weather for being depressing, and the nice weather for rubbing it in that I can't work out outside among the gorgeous fall leaves in New England.  I've been staying up later and later to watch The Next Great Baker on Netflix and sleeping in to match.  No morning workouts.  My commute consists of rolling out of bed and turning on my work computer.  Which makes it easy for the clock to strike 4 in the afternoon before I realize I haven't even left my bedroom, much less showered.  It's very flattering.

The next stage is supposed to be Coping.  Or Acceptance.  That stage where you absorb the fact that your injury is real, stop shoving chocolate chips in your face like it's your job, and start making positive choices again.  I've had a few false starts with this.  I spent all of Tuesday without pain killers (not worth it).  I am really trying to use my crutches even though I can walk some with the boot before it starts to really hurt.  I refilled my supplements tray with all the vitamins I usually take while training.  (Maybe calcium is still important when regrowing bone?)

But I knew I needed to do more.  Preferably more involving less time under the furry friend and more time doing something vaguely athletic.  So that when I am cleared to go again, I'm only starting at Square 1 instead of Square 0. Because truthfully, the second metatarsal is at the very very end of one small part of my body.  An important part, but still - the rest of me could be doing something.  So I'm happy to report that I've completed my first - post boot workout!!

Working It Out - Boot Style

Very tough selfie to take
I had Jedi pump up the balance ball again and grabbed my yoga mat and weights.  Focusing on stretching, upper body, and core.  I did all upper body work on the ball, because I like the added challenge of stabilizing in the core while working on a specific muscle group.

Upper body: 

  • Chest press in bridge position with shoulders on the ball
  • Fly in bridge position with shoulders on the ball
  • Seated bicep curls
  • Overhead triceps press
  • Seated row
  • Pushups on the ball from kneeling (*this is a lot harder than it sounds)
Boot UP!!!!


  • The 100 (pilates)
  • Regular crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Twisted crunches (knees to either side to get the obliques)
  • Leg lifts (extra hard with a boot!)
  • Bird-Dog (on all fours, extend opposite leg and arm)


  • The Saw (sit straight up, legs hip width apart.  Reach and "saw off" you toe with your opposite hand)
  • Hamstring stretch with a band.  Drop down to the knee and reach through to stretch the back of the leg
  • Cobra
  • Keep those hamstrings stretchy....
  • Side stretch while cross-legged.
Two sets of 15 reps each for the strength moves, and my arms and legs are shaking!!  It feels good to be "back".  Even if "back" is only a short set on my bedroom floor.  My plan is to repeat this 3x per week for as long as this boot is on.  I'll slowly add in swimming and walking on alternate days.  With luck, I'll be able to run the Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving!!

On the subject of squares, Hummingbird is taking pity on me and getting me out of the house tonight.  We are going to a local nursery (plants not babies) to make a holiday centerpiece.  Our first time working together and it's not cake!  Who'd have thought??  I am unreasonably excited at the chance of getting out of the house.  Yay!!!

What Hummingbird and I are making.  Grown-up craft time!

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