Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's official - I've been booted.  Three days post bike ride and my foot is hurting worse than ever.  While some more rational folks might see the doctor, we're still pretty sure it's a metatarsal stress fracture, which can't be picked up on an x-ray.  Treatment is a nice spiffy chic walking cast like this one, so we skipped the middle man and ordered me one on Amazon.  I'll wear for a couple of weeks and see how it is feeling.  Yes, to those of you yelling, I will see the doctor if this does not address the problem.  But we are still waiting on the ER bills from my daughter's stitches last week and we just bought a car for heaven's sake, so for now... shush.

My little guy just came in my room where I'm working and poked my new cast with his finger.

Him: "You have a new cast"
Me: "Yeah"
Him: "And you can't run..."
Me: "Yeah"
Him: "And you can't bike..."
Me: "That's right"
Him: "And you can't do any races..."
Me: "True"
Him: "And that makes you very sad...."
Me (thinking) "Well NOW yeah!!"

So it is true.  I am limited to clunkily walking around like Frankenstein (hmm, Halloween costume?).  But it might be a measure of how tired I am that I'm ok with it.  It's been a long season.  Taking a few weeks off might be good for the body.  I am bummed to miss Zumba, and sad to not have the coping mechanism of a run available for stressful days, but... what are you going to do, right?  Besides, this will give me time to focus on other things that have fallen by the wayside.  Like work, my cake business, my garden, my children, Halloween costumes, canning applesauce, all the new fall seasons of TV starting up, and video games!!!

In my pain-med induced haze I've been playing an awful lot of HayDay - a very simple, even moronic, generic version of Farmville.  The repetitive tinkly music funny faces of the animals is strangely soothing. That and my only responsibilities being to ensure there is enough chicken feed and making pies. If only real life was like this.  Maybe instead of being a triathlete I'll achieve Level 100 on this game.  This can be a new life commitment, right??

My new calling.....

Maybe not.  But it's good for now.  Rest assured I still have plenty of posts to write, included product reviews of PocketFuel and Swirlgear.  So stay tuned!

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