Thursday, May 8, 2014

What I Really Want for Mother's Day

Ahhh... Mother's Day.  T-minus three days.  Technically I don't get to answer this question, since I already bought the following items for myself and informed my family that they were for Mother's Day:

  • My Garmin 310XT training watch (clearly needed)
  • A Vera Bradley computer bag (also a training expense - was lighter than the monster bag work gave me which was aggravating my hip)
  • A full wetsuit (water temps are still in the 50s here and my first race is in 3 week.  Brrrrr.....)

But if I WERE to get to ask for anything else for Mother's Day, this would be my list.  A girl can dream, right?

1.  My own theme music

This one is already kind of a gimme, since for the last couple of days my little girl has been singing a modified version of this whenever I come in the room.  "Mommy is awesome!!!  Everything is cool when you're on Mommy's team!!"  So far I still think it's adorable.  It might be starting to wear on the Jedi's nerves.....  oh well.  I like it.  For now...

2.  The ENTIRE bed to myself

The other night the Jedi jokingly asked me if I wanted him to sleep on the couch so I could get a good nights rest.  I said yes.  Sadly he didn't get that I wasn't joking in return.  I haven't been sleeping well lately, mostly due to pain and my furry companions that insist that I am some sort of extra full body pillow for them to lay on top of.  Ugh.  Which brings me to my next wish...

3.  My toenail back!!!!

For the last several week my hips have been causing me a lot of pain.  The meds I've been taking have exacerbated my migraines - more pain.  I finally saw the doctor yesterday about all of this hot mess.  He gave me some new treatments for migraine that are so far working.  He also diagnosed acute greater trochanter bursitis in both hips from overuse running.  I'm seeing a orthopedist and considering a cortisone shot.  Oh and by the way no running for a while.  Which is great since I have that Oly coming up... sigh....

I have a serious bone to pick with the sport of running.  I am a biker by nature.  I have been biking for years and years.  Biking has never caused me so many injuries that I've spent hundreds of dollars in medical tests, physical therapy, and treatments.  It's never caused me to become dependent on pain medication.  It's never caused me to stop in the middle of a workout to go #2 in the woods.  And it's never caused my toenail to fall off!  This happened last night right before I went out on my evening ride and I very nearly lost it.  I'm going to start shedding parts of my body like a leper now, too??  This is the last straw.  

I would very much like it if all my running friends would instant convert over to biking friends.  Also, all triathlons shall now take on the format of "Swim, Bike, and More Bike".

4.  A whole day completely ALONE with no agenda

My kids schedule (mostly) - stolen from my friend's house
 This should be self explanatory.  If not, see the above - the kid's schedule.  Then add my work schedule and deliverables, and my training schedule and deliverables.  Add making dinner and answering the 500 zillion questions my kids ask a day and the dozens of requests for hugs and kisses and play-with-mes etc.  Alone, please.  Don't touch me.  No agenda.

5.  A whole day to spend with my kids

Yes, I can want this and #4 simultaneously.  As a working mom, I don't get enough time with them.  And they are such great kids.

In reality, probably none of these will happen.  At least not this weekend.   That is ok.  So for now, let me say a huge Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms that I know (including my own!).  Let's all recognize each other and ourselves for all the good work with do raising our kiddos.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll steal some time for ourselves this weekend....

What do you want for Mother's Day?


Kristine said...

My husband keeps asking me this and all I want is to go out for brunch, that's it and we are. I don't need anymore stuff. The only thing I really want and that he can't give me is warm weather. Water temp is below 50 and the tri is in 4 weeks and I'm not sure my wetsuit fits me like it should.

Lori Beneteau said...

I literally feel your pain, I've had hip bursitis and it's painful and makes it so hard to sleep. I still have to be careful I don't aggravate it and it flares up again. Ugh. Rest up and get better soon!!

Darilyn Weiss said...

I'm looking forward to reading about how you like your 310XT. I am waiting for mine to arrive in the mail, but since I'm a very new runner and have never used any kind of GPS watch, I'm sure I'll have all kinds of data that I won't even know what to do with (or what it means).

Fairytales and Fitness said...

What a great list! I am in agreement with #2. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day- Meranda

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I love your list....most are on mine too. I would love to be able to sleep in!!!

Amanda said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! Did you get the Garmin? That was on my list too. Didn't get it but I got lots of love from my kiddies which was great!

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