Thursday, May 29, 2014

I've Been Shot!!

This morning was my appointment at the orthopedist for my hip pain.  The orthopedic surgeon's office is in a hospital.  I don't like hospitals.  This morning I couldn't decide what I was more nervous for - that they would put me off for more weeks before they would consider me eligible for a cortisone shot, or that they would actually give me one.  With a needle.  I don't like needles....

I'd reached the conclusion a while ago that something really did need to be done.  I struggled to even maintain poses in yoga last night.  Yoga for crying out loud!!!  Feel free to lose what little respect you may have had for me.  Back to the needle phobia - Childbirth?  If I must.  Lots of blood?  Sure.  Do a triathlon?  Bring it on!  Necropsy roadkill black bears?  No problem (yes, really - different era of life).  

But get a needle near me and whoawhaddayathinkyou'redoinggethatawayfromme!!!!!!!

The long story short is that the very nice PAC that saw me was quickly sympathetic to my two months of hip pain, my half marathon epic woes, and my Warrior Three turned into Falling Warrior poses in yoga class.  She quickly agreed that a shot to my right hip was the way to go, and breezily mentioned that I may also need one in my spine because of tenderness in my lower back (what? we'll cross that bridge later).  I told her I wasn't the best with needles.  She told me not to watch her prep the shot.... which was as long as my palm outstretched.  Yowsa.

Big needle.  Big big big big needle

I also casually asked, just before we got down to business... "so I have this race in a few days?"  

She fixed me with a very patient look usually reserved for tired parents of tantruming toddlers.  I quickly explained that I did get a runner to cover the run segment.  She agreed I can participate, but not to stress it or go hard on anything.  So no PRs for Greendale.  That's ok.  

My triathlon crew is also doing their final open water swim practice tonight at Indian Lake - the site of the race.  Again I tentatively ask, "So I'm pretty sure that open water swimming is out for tonight, right?"  Again the look.  Yes, swimming in a lake full of bacteria is out.  I'm pretty sure she mentally added, "You dumb*ss and don't anger the woman with the big needle".  That's ok.  I didn't really want to swim tonight anyway. (Don't tell my training partners). We agreed that wine and a campfire was a much better treatment option for tonight.

So yeah, the shot really hurt.  Like, really really I yelped in pain twice hurt.  Some people who have gotten them previously told me they weren't that bad.  They lied.  Do not believe these people.  I was also so dizzy after that I stayed at the hospital and ate lunch for a while before I felt steady enough to drive.  The dizziness has nothing to do with the actual cortisone, and everything to do with the fact that I'm kind of a pansy about these things.  But I'm am very glad that it has been done, and now hopefully I will start to get some relief and back on track.  I'll continue my PT exercise, since cortisone injections do not cure anything - they just mask pain.  I still have to address what caused this injury in the first place.

But in the meantime, I'm going to take it easy until Greendale on Sunday.

Also, since we are mourning the passing of the great Maya Angelou, I wanted to include on of my favorite quotes of hers, that seems particularly relevant to me at this time.....


Courtney Fields said...

Welp, I have officially decided to forgo getting a cortisone shot into my ouchy hip. Thank you. Hopefully you get some good relief from this though and can get back to some good hard training =)

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

Yea, I have never had a cortisone shot...been threatened once with it, but i was able to avoid it in the end. And they definitely hurt, not sure who told you they don't. The size of that needle is GINORMOUS!! I hope it helps!!

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