Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shhhhhh..... Not So Loud!

Ok world.  Shush.  And be less bright, for that matter.  It's Migraine Time.  I don't get them often (once a month or less), but when they do come, boy do they lay me out.  I get the full gamut.  Light and sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, plus of course the pain. Oh the pain.... 

We had just a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  On Friday I got to create these cupcakes for a little boy's baby shower:

I had a really great Total Immersion class Saturday morning working with my tempo trainer, counting strokes at all different paces.  Then a not-so-peppy treadmill run, but still.  Got it done.

I then got to make this cake and cupcakes for my beloved little niece who turned four.  It was so much fun to put together.  I've wanted to make a stump cake for a long time, so when my sister-in-law told me the theme of my niece's party I immediately called "dibs".

Fairies and gnomes - such a fun theme

Plus on Sunday we went up to NH to her party and spent the day with my brother and sister-in-law.  It was really just a lovely party.  I was the resident face-painter.  I turned about 20 little girls and boys in to fairy princesses (ok and some superheros).  There were costumes, crafts, and a fairy parade. We got to spend a good chunk of time at a nearby science museum with the kids after, and rounded out with a nice dinner at a restaurant in Hanover.

 Unfortunately, by the time we got home on Sunday night, I knew I was in for it.  The aura was starting.  I tried to head it off with some pain killers, lots of water, and magnesium tablets, but I awoke yesterday morning in no shape to function.  I called into work and spent the better part of the day resting, quietly playing with kids (when they were capable of quietly playing, which was hit or miss) and not much else notable.  Trainer ride?  Gone.

Today I'm still in the midst, but in the land of the living... .somewhat.  I've been wearing my sunglasses at the office all day.  I've earned a few new nicknames... Bono.  Terminator.  Ah well.  At least I get credit for being here!

Cube selfie

I had aspirations of hitting the gym on the way home for my scheduled run, but it's not going to happen.  I talked briefly with my coach and he agreed that with the half marathon a little over a week out, the hay is already in the barn.  The most I could hope to accomplish would be to barf on the treadmill.  Which I'm not sure if my membership fees cover (clearly I'd barf on the gym treadmill, not my own.  I'd have to clean and replace my own....)

The Jedi and I have also been having some talks about the direction of Project Greenhalgh in the next few months/year.  It make look to the causal observer that I change my mind a lot.  I tried Clean Eating for a little over a month and gave it up.  I tried training for a half marathon... and don't want to do another.  We started our cake business  less than two years ago and I go through ups and down of how much work I feel like doing.  But life changes, situations change, attitudes change, and you have to keep evaluating what works and what doesn't.

This week is Dr. Seuss's birthday!

After talking to the Sheriff about it, I'm cutting my training load back to 4-5 days per week, instead of 6.  He's confident I can still be ready for the Oly distance come tri season, and I really don't want to work out more than an hour at a time (unless it's a bike ride) and 6 days a week.  I'm probably going to get back in touch with my musical side and join the community band.  Start grooming the kids for future band-geekdom.  We're going to phase back the cake stuff somewhat so we have more time to devote to the kids and relaxation.  Something we all need more of, right?  My SIL asked what I'd call my blog if we stopped the cake business.  Just a triathlete?  

The "Sometimes-Cupcake-Yoga-French horn-Book Club-Hiking-Skiing-Crocheting Triathlete" is just so much harder to say.  Though maybe I could make it an acronym....

The decision to cut back training is only made easier by the one fly in my ointment (beside this migraine which has to die sometime) - my rotator cuff in my right shoulder is distinctly unhappy.  Has been for a couple of weeks, now getting pretty distracting.  I talked to Sheriff and Gill - both agree no swimming for a while.  Which is tough because I feel like I was just getting in the groove, as it were.  I'm still planning on attending the final two TI classes and hopping in the pool for my final video session and analysis.  Stay tuned for my final review and wrap-up of my Total Immersion experience.  But in the meantime - back to physical therapy and staying on dry land.

Who else is a migraine sufferer?  What's your go-to treatment(s)?

Tell me about your hobbies outside of fitness.  Are you a secret knitter?  Kick-boxer?  Artist?  I want to know!

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