Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seasons of Change

It's the first day of spring.  Every branch and twig is coating in a shimmering, sparkling coat of ice.  As I waited for the bus stop with my little girl, she told me how excited she was to flip the calendar in her kindergarten class from "Winter" to "Spring" (she is on calendar duty this week).  I remarked that the frost fairies seemed to still be out in force, looking at the ice-encrusted brambles and tree branches at the end of our driveway.  She then told me that she saw Tinkerbell and some of her Warm Fairy friends on a nearby rock.  Don't worry Mommy - the warm fairies will take over soon.  They are getting ready.  Gosh I hope so little girl.

With the ice melting and falling in drips from the trees, and the cardinals calling from the woods, I can almost believe her.

So it's also Post-Race Day 4 for me, after running my first half marathon over the weekend.  As you would imagine, I've been doing much more resting than working out.  In fact, this was my training log for the day after the race:

He was kidding.... I think.  ;)

I was content to sleep like the dead, hobble around, and try to plan what is coming next.  Interrupted by my daughter coming down with the stomach flu for the third time in the last week on Tuesday, depriving my husband and I of anything more than 4 hours of sleep the night before.  I attempted work, but came home early due to a queasy stomach of my own (flu, sleep deprivation, or psychosomatic result of listening to my daughter retch for six hours).  We watched Frozen, read about ten chapters of Charlotte's Web, and fell asleep at seven o clock. Back on our feet now, but I'm still feeling low level crummy.  Who knew that running and an eternal winter can take it out of you this much?  Is it normal to sleep 8-9 hours and still wake up tired?

The only ones exercising around here

In between all the sleeping, I've been doing a lot of thinking.  Perhaps it's the time of year (even if the season has yet to change) that has me thoughtful, or that finishing New Bedford was a big milestone in my training. 

But it feels like change is in the air.

Last week my husband and I made the difficult decision to scale back our cake business.  For many reasons, most of them having to do with money and time.  We are no longer selling at nearby coffee shops.  We will still bake for family and friends, and the occasional customer.  It is the right decision, but still one that is bittersweet after the two years of effort, capital, and time we invested in the business.  We aren't completely shutting down, but our focus as a family is shifting.  I'm investing more time in my job.  Jedi is pursuing some other money-making opportunities.  I also started playing with a community band in an effort to balance what was starting to feel like a life that was too focused on athletics as my only source of fun.  Changes.

Of course, it is also race planning season.  

I feel pretty solid in my races this year.  After a brief mental tussle about whether to double down and really push for the time I wanted (instead of what I ran) for a half marathon next month in Raleigh, Rio and I decided to stick to the plan of just taking it easy and enjoying the day.  If I still feel the need for redemption maybe I'll train for a fall half after triathlon season is over.  I'm already registered for one sprint tri and two Olys this summer.  That's about all I want to commit to.  Many of my friends are currently signing up for more and asking me to come along.  So far I'm resisting.  I don't want to over-race.  But I also don't want to abandon those friends that I sucked into triathlon by not being there for them.  Perhaps I can be there with signs and orange slices instead of in race gear....

I am playing with ideas of trail running, biking, and other endeavors.  Hummingbird and I went to the pool last night for my first swim set this month.  The feel of the water and the peacefulness of being back swimming was just lovely.  I was out for a while because of my hurt shoulder and the general nuttiness of the half and a household that just can't seem to stop getting sick.  It is fun to contemplate open water season.... biking season... running the rail trail through warm sunshine.

I'm not committing to any extra races for a while.  I want to use the next month to recover, to reconnect with activities I enjoy, and hopefully watch the Warm Fairies bring in spring.....

What are you looking forward to the most about spring?


Anonymous said...

I think your idea of recovering and reconnecting after your big race is great. I am SO looking forward to doing that come end of April. I am most excited about spending more time outdoors, playing with my son and hiking!

Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes said...

Sorry to hear about the cake/cupcake business, but if it was meant to be, you will be back to it :) Rest as long as you need, you will know when you are ready to get back into it! I'm looking forward to spring so I can get of the darn treadmill!! So over winter!

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