Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fingers Crossed! Another Mother Runner Ragnar Napa Contest Entry!

So I took a deep breath and decided to enter Another Mother Runner's contest for their Ragnar Napa Valley Relay team in September.  Yes, I'm throwing my hat in the ring to be selected to fly to California and hang in a van with 11 strangers, two of which I've had in my ear (literally) for the majority of my long runs, training rides (on the trainer), and whose books I've devoured like a hungry animal looking for tips and support.  I love Sarah and Dimity - for the community they've built, for their humor, for being so wonderfully human in their lives and athletic endeavors.  This enterprise scared me on many levels.  Fear of rejection immediately followed by fear of acceptance!  Having to fly across the country and away from my family for three days!  And then there's the pesky running involved.  But hey, I hear there is wine.

Cheers!  Sporting my new Boston Strong t-shirt and Sweaty Band from AMR
When considering what creativity I could come up with to make Dimity and SBS pick me, I naturally fell upon my strong suit.  Say it in cake.  Plus, a wine bottle cake has been on my bucket list to try for quite a while (yes, I have a "cake bucket list").  So no harm no foul if I'm not selected.  The entry went in today, and I'm putting the cake pops in the mail tomorrow.  Here you go, for you enjoyment!

The wine bottle, box sides, leaves, and packing "fluff are all made
out of homemade fondant (a flexible sugar dough that can dry hard).

Another Mother Runner logo piped in chocolate

HUmmingbird let me borrow her printer for the edible label -
with my logo and the Ragnar logo.
Napa Valley Ragnar Red!

Slicing it up

Cake pops in the mail to Dimity & SBS - AMR and Ragnar logo

Label close-up

Red velvet for red wine!


Courtney Fields said...

That's awesome! Good luck!!!

There doing a new Ragnar Relay right here in NY called Ragnar Adirondacks and I'm dying to do it since it's right in my backyard basically and I have a $50 coupon from another relay I'm doing this spring. But it's the same weekend at IMChoo which I'm volunteering at to secure a 2015 race slot. So disappointed.

Miranda Greenhalgh said...

Bummer!! I'm close enough to the Adirondacks to join your team next year! We are going to Lake Placid this summer to watch IMLP and my coach!

Cindy Smith said...

They are going to LOVE this!!! Good luck!!!

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